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It is with confidence that I request your active collaboration to address a disparity that penalizes thousands of Canadian workers who receive employment insurance sickness benefits. Such EI benefits, which are limited to a period of 15 weeks (section 12(3)C) and have remained unchanged since 1971, are clearly insufficient for allowing adequate rehabilitation considering the average treatment program length of serious illnesses, cancer being a case in point with an estimated treatment program length of 52 weeks.

Allow me to draw your attention to some important facts :

- WHEREAS a large proportion of Canadians will experience serious mental and/or physical health problems during their lifetime that will impair their ability to perform their job and limit their autonomy in their personal, family and professional lives. For instance, one out of every two Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime;

− WHEREAS employment insurance sickness benefits currently last up to 15 weeks and have seen no changes since 1971;

− WHEREAS 53% of all employment insurance sickness benefit applications involve women, many of which are single-parent mothers who are more financially vulnerable than men (Employment and Social Development Canada: Employment Insurance Monitoring and Assessment Report for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2015 and ending March 31, 2016);



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